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Metal Deck Ceiling Painting That Will Last Decades

Painting a metal deck ceiling in the industrial sector comes with a set of challenges unique to manufacturers. For example large and expensive machinery can make access awkward, the plant’s production must be effected as little as possible and of course proper surface preparation to deal with each locations unique contaminants – which if not handled correctly, would drastically reduce the longevity and performance of the paint job.

These “before and after” pictures are from a meat processing plant.
The ceiling was sandblasted, caulked and painted.  

Area was left to “food grade standards” clean.

Previously painted ceilings come with hidden challenges...

There are several reasons why ceiling deck paint fails, it all depends on what type of product was used, the environment and contaminates that could possibly accelerate corrosion.

One example is aged oil based paint can become brittle, crack and peel. This could lead to negative consequences such as forced plant shut-downs (do to a Health and Safety issues like paint falling on product or personnel) or it could negatively impact a customer’s opinion of said facility.

BEST Painting will do the detective work for you, with our NACE Level 3 (Nuclear) Coatings inspector on the case, you will soon know why your ceiling paint is failing (important as it will determine what coating system to use). Such information is vital! It will make the difference between your investment lasting DECADES or just a couple of years…

The peace of mind of working with professionals...

When it comes time to make a decision of who should paint your ceiling, the following factors need to be taken into consideration:

  • Has the job been inspected and will it be supervised by a NACE Level 3 Coating Inspector?
  • Have you been provided an exact coating system as per the Coating Inspector’s instructions?
  • Is the work guaranteed?
  • Are the crews seasoned professionals?
  • Are they insured against damages?
  •  Is the product being used proven to be long lasting and top-of-the-line?
  • Is the company organized and in communication with you?
  • Are they coordinating with you to minimize impact on production?

BEST Painting checks all the above points and more! For 30 years we have proven ourselves
to be leaders in the field of protective coatings across Ontario. 

Pass your coating audit requirements by using us

Safety and Experience at your service

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