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Plant Shutdown — What We Do

We know that shutdown projects are highly demanding situations for plant owners & shutdown coordinators. We understand that your production and profitability are affected by our performance during shutdowns.

To live up to your expectations and standards, we take pride in providing a level of service that meets your requirements. Our superior ability to deliver shutdown performance starts well before the beginning of the project and doesn’t end until your plant is back in operation.

Our experienced and skilled supervisors and operators are a key element of our turnkey successes. We supply trained and knowledgeable personnel who are reliable and capable of completing your project safely, efficiently and on-time. We also carefully monitor and inspect the quality of our workmanship at each step of the way to ensure superior results.

Plant Shutdowns

Plant Shutdowns – Food-Grade coatings applied, CFIA audit requirements met and premises cleaned, all in time for corporate walk-through.