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The team at A&A Masonry
was awesome from
start to finish

Nigel has the work thought out and well estimated. Eduardo and his team worked their butts off in the heat to get the job done on time, and very clean and organized.

The quality of the work is excellent. They transformed the front entrance of our house. The best part of dealing with A&A was that I felt like I was dealing with a professionally run organization. Not a mom and pop shop.

Their planning app, payment process, and follow-ups all well oiled machine.

They helped me source the raw materials from a high quality provider. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to increase the value of their home with excellent masonry work.

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Stone Porch & Landing
A Different Kind of Company...

A&A Masonry is an Award Winning Ontario based company. We specialize in Masonry Work, Concrete Installation & Concrete Repairs, Waterproofing, Foundation Repair, Interlocking Stone Installation & Stonework in Toronto, GTA, Hamilton and the Golden Horseshoe.

A&A is dedicated to providing the highest quality for every job. With tightly organized and fully trained and the best of the best seasoned crews we strive to complete the project in a timely and safe manner. Our mission is to offer unique and reliable services whether you need masonry repair, foundation repair, waterproofing, stone retaining wall, interlocking driveway, brick repair, brick restoration or a chimney rebuild we can handle it all. Quality of the job and customer satisfaction is what we do.

Many of our clients enjoy the fact that they can call us for all their exterior restoration work instead of using different companies for the various home restorations jobs.

Stone Patio

We have 6 main divisions:

A&A Masonry Services

– handles all your homes Masonry Work including, brickwork, brick repair, chimney repair,  tuckpointing, etc., almost anything concerning brickwork.

Concrete Repair & Installation

– this division takes care of concrete repair including sidewalk repair and installation of a new sidewalk, concrete steps, concrete porches, concrete resurfacing, concrete foundation repair, concrete deck repair and resurfacing, concrete patios, concrete driveways

Stonework Contractors

Armour Stone

this division takes care of all the

 stonework, stone veneers, Armour Stone (large stone) stone porches, stone walkways & stone patios.

Interlocking Stone Installation

– this division (under Stone Contractor div) takes care of all the Interlocking stone installation & repair of old or imperfect interlocking stone installations which includes interlocking driveways, interlocking pathways or walkways, interlock patios & interlocking pool decks. Get instant curb appeal with Interlocking stone.

Waterproofing Contractors

– basement waterproofing, foundation repair, exterior and interior waterproofing all within Toronto and the GTA.

Foundation Repair Specialists

– A&A are specialists in foundation repair and structural repair. In addition, we offer restoration and strengthening of brickwork, masonry and concrete structures.

By now if you have realized just how many Masonry Contractors there are in Toronto & the GTA. It is hard to pick one that is reliable and will absolutely stand behind their product that is long lasting and stands up to Toronto’s long winter months.

Here are 10 very good reasons to choose A&A for your Trusted Exterior Restoration Contractor for all  your Exterior Home Restorations.

  • Honesty and Fairness

  • Proactive never Reactive

  • High Quality at a Fair Price

  • Very High Communication Sklls

  • Respect for Property - Very Clean

  • Effective Quality Control

  • Jobs Delivered on Time

  • Customer Satisfaction Exceeded

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • We Deliver What We Promise

Need help?

Here are some frequently asked questions we get from some of our customers.


Masonry Industry

Masonry is one of the world’s oldest and most widely used construction methods. Masonry uses bricks, stones, or concrete blocks held together with mortar, masonry is strong and durable, making it an ideal material for both load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls. In addition to its strength and durability, masonry has several other advantages: it is fire resistant, termite-proof, and easier to maintain. This is the building material of choice in Toronto. You don’t see a lot of exterior wood houses in Toronto, unless its wood siding.

Contractors in the field of masonry construction are specialists in the subject. They are crucial in supplying contractors with masonry-related construction services, repairing masonry, and other varied masonry applications. Today, those who are knowledgeable and trained in this field conduct many forms of masonry work where once masons handled this activity. They are adept at building, repairing, and restoring constructions built of Concrete, stone, brick, and block.

A masonry contractor is highly knowledgeable and accomplished in this area, but they must be able to manage and do much more.

A brick contractor is someone who specializes in the installation of bricks, while a masonry contractor is someone who specializes in the installation of all types of masonry, including bricks, stones, and blocks.

Brick Contractors are usually smaller and stick to the smaller jobs concerning just brickwork, whereas Masonry Contractors tend to big be bigger companies and are professionals not only brickwork but concrete, stonework & foundation work & repair. A&A Masonry is such a company.

Stone Masonry is another type of masonry that involves working with stones. Stonemasons use a variety of tools to cut, shape, and install stones. Stonemasonry is a skilled trade that requires training and experience.



Award Winning Company

A&A Masonry takes great pride in the work we do and constantly strives to give the client a stress free experience
and a superior product. With over 720 Reviews on Homestars, our clients really like us!
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AA Masonry business award 2020

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What Our

clients say.

"Spoke with Pierre regarding rebuilding our crumbling chimney. When he came over we discussed a solution for our front steps and broken concrete pad. Pierre had some good ideas for the steps and came back with a very reasonable price.

Joe and James knocked our chimney down and rebuilt it better than new in less than a day, returning the next to install flashing and do a final caulk. Dwight and Aaron came the next day and did an OUTSTANDING job.

They tore out and repoured the concrete pad, and clad the porch, steps, and new concrete pad in flagstone. They did what seemed like a week's work in under 3 days and they were unfailingly polite and professional.

We were really impressed with the whole A & A team, especially Dwight and Aaron, and we are very happy with the work done. Thanks A & A!!"
J Meijer
"No man ever regretted buying Quality" / John Ruskin 1819-1900 /

"We requested flagstone on porch and steps, and wall cladding with natural stone veneer. Paul advised on and helped us viewing, then Paul and Dwight selected the materials. The skillful craftsmanship of Dwight resulted in showing the beauty of natural stone.

A&A delivered as promised, has done a great job creating added value and curb appeal to our home. Thank you" Sincerely!
Highly recommended by
Frank and Jan in Woodbridge.
A&A Masonry did a terrific job. I had a terrible misadventure with another contractor that ended up doing a lot of damage but A&A came and fixed things up like new.

Hayden came directly to my home, did an assessment and gave me a specific quote (that was met right to budget. Mike and April did a great job - it was difficult to find an exact match for the stone but the completed job looks better than new!
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